Thursday, September 25, 2008

Top 10 Marketing Tips

Top 10 Marketing Tips

1. Stop selling.

Nobody likes to be sold on anything. Everyone loves to be shown the benefits of their decision to invest in your product/service. So show them!

2. Turn your mobile phone into a Trade Directory

Start listing key business people you know under the business category they are in so that you can access a contact when someone says “do you know a ………?”

3. Give out someone else’s Business Cards

When next you give out your own business card also give out the card of someone you know and trust. Say “if you ever need a …………then this is someone I highly recommend.”

4. 10 words or less

When someone says “what do you do” be different and don’t rattle of the standard list of products or services. Know how to describe how you help people in 10 words or less.

5. Use your voicemail message

When you record your voicemail message add to the end of it a brief testimonial about someone else whose product/service you have used and suggest that callers to ask you about them.

6. Give up the expectation of “getting the order”

When you have an expectation of “getting the order” it influences what you say and do. Rather approach the prospect/client with “how can I help you?” and sales will result.

7. Use your email signature

Develop an email signature where you can add recommendations about people you know and trust. Then change it regularly.

8. Ask for testimonials

Every time someone says how much they appreciated your product/service ask them for a testimonial – every time!

9. Start a “brag book”

Collect all testimonials, laminate them and keep them filed in a binder. Then show people when talking about how you can help them.

10. Display your “we want introductions” list
Develop a list of companies you want to do business with, have it headed “can you help us”, have it printed large, mount it in a frame and display it in the reception area. Geoff Kirkwood

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