Friday, February 1, 2008

Message From The President

Message From The President The Sum of All Parts The Eureka Chamber is a lot like the human body in the respect that if it parts do not work together, what do you have? Your board of directors heads this fine organization, but you, the member, are the heart and soul. We need your voice and participation in order to continue to move forward to help grow our chamber, our city, and our community. When we talk about your voice, it means we need to hear from you about what you need to grow your business. We need to know what you feel is a benefit in our meetings and what we can change to make them more of an asset to your business. When we talk about participation, it means we that need you at our meetings and events. Why is your participation important? For the chamber, there is strength in numbers, as a united group of local business we can help the city grow and prosper. For you as a member, the value comes in many forms. Word of mouth is the cheapest form of advertising. By being visible in the chamber, you're making a presence in the community that you live and work in. You also surround yourself with over 250 members whose history and business knowledge combined is second to none. My message to business owners of Eureka: come visit our general assembly on the first Wednesday of every month. For the current members, be active and be heard. Come and grow with us. My message to the citizens of Eureka: support your city and the business that are located in your fair town. Without the courage of the small business owners who took the leap to open their businesses in our town, where would we be? As free citizens of this great country, we need to remember that the businesses that are here chose to be here freely. If the small business are not supported by it citizens', why would larger business come? The President's Top 10 Reasons to Do Business with Members of the Eureka Chamber: Ten: With gas reaching $3.00 a gallon, you won't have to drive far Nine: With the closure of highway 40, you won't have to deal with traffic. Eight: Time saved shopping close to home will give you more time to spend with your family Seven: You'll have that extra confidence in knowing that the business you're dealing with is part of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce. Six: You'll get a warm fuzzy feeling in your belly from knowing you help local businesses. Five: Chances are, you will be dealing with an owner who lives and works here in Eureka. Four: With the stress that you've avoided by not leaving Eureka, you won't have to see Dr. Feder at Comprehensive Chiropractic quite as much. Three: With the extra time and money you have by doing business in Eureka, you can go out to the 025 Steak House or El Nopal's. Two: You can take pride in knowing that your tax dollars are working where you live. And the number 1 reason for doing business here in Eureka is knowing that you, as a citizen of Eureka, are helping to grow and strengthen your city making it a better place to live and raise families. Sincerely, Leland S. Kropp, Jr. President Eureka Chamber of Commerce