Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Message form the President

Message From The President Eureka, Myreka, Oureka, Youreka Years ago I remember having a conversation with my grandson Andrew, who at the time was four. At that time his parents lived in Wildwood and we lived here in beautiful Eureka. The conversation felt like an Abbot and Costello bit, every time I would say Eureka he would quizzically reply, "Myreka?", and for the longest time, that is how he knew our town. Back then I thought it was cute and funny how a little boy could think such a thought. As I have grown and become more a part of our community, I have realized that what I thought was a funny remark from a little boy has now transformed into a mind set. This is Myreka, just as it is Youreka, as well as it is Oureka. I feel it is my responsibility to see our communities business grow and prosper. Why do I feel this way? Because it is Myreka! This is also Youreka which, in turn, makes it just as much your responsibility to support the businesses here in Eureka. The last few months have been very difficult for all of us, business owners and citizens alike. We really should start to think locally and not globally. In order to grow our community we need to take on the mindset of our grandparents, when they needed to make a purchase they shopped within their community. People have called Eureka a bedroom town, a place to sleep at night, but the day is spent in the city where they work and shop. What I am asking is for you to rediscover Youreka. When you want to go out to eat, go to one of our fine restaurants, when you need to make a purchase, look around town. Remember, that by spending your hard earned money where you live, you are improving the lives of others where you live along with your own. Remember this is Oureka Leland S. Kropp Jr. President of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce EUREKA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE