Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eureka Merchants Task Force

The EMT has put together this blog in order to share useful information to new and old business owners. This is a free site to anyone who wishes to learn more about networking, marketing, or just business at large. The EMT tries to find articles that can and will help business owners move their companies to the next level. Included on this site are articles from some of the top business experts. The YCC welcomes you to as a reader to contribute to this blog by sharing articles that you have written or read and found useful or interesting. Please send your articles to LelandKropp@eurekamerchantstaskforce.org and please make sure you attach all pertinent author information. If the article is copyrighted please get approval for the author so that we can post it. Thanks for reading Leland S. Kropp Jr. President of Your Constant Contact