Friday, September 26, 2008

Q&A: Branding your business

Q & A
Q: How do I market my business so it can sustain economic downturns and allow me to pass it off to my children?

-Daniel, TX

A: Branding your business can cause a dramatic effect in the longevity of your company. Companies that stand the test of time and continue for generations have branded themselves within their community and with their clients so they will continue to do business with them.

It’s often overlooked, and usually left on the shelf by failed companies. Branding involves logo design, marketing message, and community involvement. It is the last item that most businesses often don’t fulfill.

An example of strong branding is Air Jordan. Do you know what it stands for? Do you know who it stands for? The answer is probably yes. Michael Jordan has branded his name and company in the mind of the American public. You probably know him as the greatest basketball player the world has ever seen. Did you know that he has built a successful company since retiring from basketball? Yes, the Air Jordan brand is all about Michael. He has built a successful company marketing his clothing and attire through the Air Jordan name. What keeps his business growing is the amount of involvement he has in the Chicago area. If you go there, you can look around and still see his mark on the city. That is successful business, and that’s what will keep his business going strong.

Make sure your business is involved in your community and your business will become an icon and sustain longevity in your community.

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