Friday, September 26, 2008

How To Use Business Cards to Generate Leads… Fast!

Ever wondered how to get your business card pulling in leads really fast? Here’s a couple of tested and proven tips you must know.

It’s interesting…why do people want to SPLASH THEIR NAME across the top of their business card?

The answer is simple…ego.

You should treat your business card as a mini advertising billboard…and most certainly have an ATTENTION GRABBING headline on the card! Imagine this….

Imagine if a company hired out on of those huge billboards on the side on the road, and put the name of the person who owned the business across the top of the billboard? Do you really think that people are going to want to read anymore of what the billboard has to say? Lets say you owned a business card printing service , and your name is J. Smith … would your roadside billboard look better if it said “1000 Free Business Cards if You Call and Mention this Billboard”, or would you think “J.Smith” would attract more sets of eyes?

So why not put a nice BOLD headline that gets attention onto your business cards as well? Let me give you another example as to why a headline is important.

Picture yourself reading through a newspaper, don’t you normally look for a headline, or sub-headline that catches your eye? How about if you read through, and all the headlines you read where the authors names who wrote the article??? Now that would be one BORING experience!

I’m sure you get my message now. Just take the time to think about what your product or service is…then do this……. Put yourself in the buyers shoes! If you were interested in the product that your selling, what would you want to know?

If your selling advertising … should you have “J.Smith Advertising” in the headline, or should you have “Cost Effective Advertising That Will Pull Leads Like Crazy!” Obvious which one’s a better headline right?

Here’s another tip that you should be VERY careful NOT to do…

Tell me, which of these two headlines do you think worked best for a steakhouse restaurant…

1) “Great Steaks, Half the Price”

2) ” Ladies, Watch Your Man’s Face Light Up When He Bites Into One of Our Juicy Steaks!”

Answer: #1. Why? Because you just knocked out half of your audience by addressing the headlines to ‘Ladies’.

So there are techniques that are sure to bring you more customers in less time.

—————————————————- Dean Cowley

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