Friday, September 26, 2008

How Talking About Your Business Will Lead To Success

What began as just an ordinary night out with friends turned into a lesson in business building and self-motivation. You see when I started my own business working from home I was naturally a bit wary. I’d never had my own business before. I was the typical person who had a job and put up with it. But that had changed and now I did what I wanted to do. A new life was beginning.

The trouble was even though I knew what I was doing, actually explaining it to other people was difficult. A business publishing and marketing information products was just right for me. But getting people to understand what I did was the hard part. So usually I just didn’t bother. I just got on with it quietly and enjoyed every moment.

But two conversations that night were to change all that and now I take every opportunity I get to talk about my business.

First I happened to meet an old colleague who I hadn’t seen or spoken to for over eighteen months. He was the Training Manager at a company I used to work for. The subject naturally got around to work and to what I was now doing.

I explained as best I could my business and soon the questions were being fired at me. But then came the comment that made me realize I should really talk about it an awful lot more.

“Well remember me when you’re developing products. You know I can talk about anything!”

That’s right! My old friend had offered his services to help my business. We went on to talk about possible training niches and all of a sudden new product ideas were coming to mind. He happens to be a very good trainer and a very good presenter and public speaker. I quickly decided I would certainly be talking to him in the future about joint ventures.

We went our separate ways but I had a new spring in my step.

I then met up with my usual circle of friends and expected the usual conversations about sport and music, our favorite topics.

But no! I was asked how the new business was going. And then I was asked by one friend what exactly it was I did. Previously I might have quickly glossed over the subject but not now.

In fact I then spent at least half an hour explaining it all. I went right the way through how I identified a niche market, including explaining what a niche market actually is. I told him about how to research and develop the product and then how to create it. I had to explain what digital products were and how they were sold.

Well, not only was he interested but he started coming up with all sorts of product ideas. In fact he said he was so excited by it that he would have trouble sleeping that night. I gave him a couple of ideas for products that he might be able to create or at least do so in a joint venture with me.

It really was amazing. I was buzzing and felt really motivated to get on with building my business. The simple process of talking to people and telling them what I do had given me renewed enthusiasm.

But the point of relating all this is that if you do the same you will be surprised at where it will take you. New doors will be open to you and opportunities and ideas you never imagined will present themselves to you.

Just take on board these key points:

Take every opportunity to talk about your business. Be patient and be prepared to explain things and answer questions. Ask plenty of questions about your friends’ and acquaintances’ interests, hobbies, and jobs. Product ideas are bound to come out. Offer to show them how they could create a product. If they are interested then work on it together. Be confident and be proud of your business. When success comes be willing to share it.

Starting out in business is never easy. But the vital thing I learned on my night out was that if you talk to people about what you do you really will gain a great deal. Your confidence will soar and your motivation to go out and achieve your goals will be boosted to new heights.

I’m now building a successful business and you can too.

—————————————————- Tony Hall

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