Monday, February 8, 2010

Believe it or not your mom taught you how to Nework First!


My Mom always told me to . . .

1. Make friends 2. Play nice 3. Tell the truth 4. Take a bath 5. Do your homework

What has this got to do with networking?

1. Make Friends Will you introduce your best clients to someone you don’t know just because you met them at an event? Relationship building is absolutely necessary, as is having structured one-to-ones. V+C=P is the need to have visibility, then building credibility, resulting in profitability.

2. Play Nice Do you practice Givers Gain, or do you have a hunting sales mentality? Do you listen more than you talk and refrain from interrupting others when they are talking? Do you treat people with respectful elegance face-to-face and online. Do you give genuine testimonials when they are earned? And very important: Do you thank people properly for their assistance?

3. Tell The Truth Honesty is absolutely necessary in business; behaving and acting in an ethical manner enhances your reputation. If you mess up, be honest. “I’m sorry, I really dropped the ball on this occasion; please give me the opportunity to put this right.” It is possible to create a good second impression when you get things wrong.

4. Take a bath Not as big an issue online. However; In face-to-face meetings, body odor is not the new cologne! Shower, wash your hair, look presentable, dress according to your profession.

5. Do your homework Get prepared for your meetings in advance, not last thing the night before or writing your elevator speech while others are speaking. Be specific: Set goals on what you want to achieve, then measure and analyze. If you arrange a one-to-one, find out as much as possible about the other person’s business in advance so you are showing you are interested in [that person] and not self-centred.

What lessons did your Mum give you that have stood you in good stead?

Charlie Robertson

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